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  • January Monthly Program - Carving Tool Storage - Best Practices

January Monthly Program - Carving Tool Storage - Best Practices

  • 10 Jan 2023
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Zoom and the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers Studio in Multnomah Village
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Carving Tool Storage - Best Practices


Carvers usually collect a lot of tools and supplies, and storing, accessing, and transporting them safely can become a challenge.  Beginner carvers usually don’t have a problem with a half dozen tools, but what if you have 20 or 40 or 100?  Eventually we see a bewildering range of alternatives, some clever, some not, but many are customized by each carver to meet their own needs.

Tool rolls are very common, but which features are the best?  How many pockets (10, 15, 20, 30), what kinds of materials (cotton, canvas, leather), can they hold long and palm handled tools at the same time, how to avoid tools slipping out, should edges be covered?  Seems simple until you try to make or buy one.

Ruth Warbington is a woodworker, carver, and seamstress.  Last year she tackled making great tool rolls, and she will share her results.  Others will show pros and cons of commercial tool rolls from Woodcraft, Master Carver, and others.  We'll point you to plans for making your own.  Should you store tools with cutting edge or handles in?  Can one tool roll combine long, palm and micro handles?

We’ll look at what members and others have come up with.  ArtBin pencil boxes from Blick, plastic trays from Woodcraft, homemade wooden carousels, fish tackle boxes, stacking boxes on wheels with a luggage handle. We’ll show photos of Chuck Rinehart’s custom crafted and elegant tool box with brass handles.  We’ll observe how Masa stores and transports his tools in open trays.

There is the added dimension of storing a working set of tools on your bench while working on a project.  Do you let them rattle around, use a tray with a separator, use a round carousel?   How do you organize a lot of power carving burrs and wood burning tips?  How do you mark tools so they don’t get mixed up with someone else’s, or do you?

Come join the show and tell and share what you do, or what you would like to do.  You might just learn something, and you just might help others avoid a lot of grief.

If you attend in person you have to have proof of vaccination either on record at the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, or show proof when you arrive (it's their policy).

Please register to get the Zoom link and so we can notify you of any changes.  

Larry Wade, President
Oregon Carvers Guild

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