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Each photo album here contains pictures that a focused on a subject or person. The intent of this gallery is to give you a better idea for how the guild supports the art and craft of carving. Some of the albums are dedicated to the work of individual artists. Others are devoted to a style of carving, chip carving or caricature for example. There are other albums dedicated to Oregon Carvers Guild events. Members of the OCG may also create and maintain their own photo albums. These are not shown here, but are linked to individuals under the member menu.

Green Man

Green men are subjects taken folk lore and date back to at least hundreds of years. They tend to be high relief carvings that are flat and generally hung of walls. The original figures can seen in Greek and Roman carvings as well as work from the middle ages in Europe. The types of trees and plants used to frame the human faces vary greatly as can be seen in the photos shown here.

Fantasy Carving

Fantasy carving run the gamut from dragons and wizards to Santa Claus. Here are few examples from our club. Some miniature Santas, the Walrus and White Rabbit from Alice through the Looking Glass and a jolly mountain troll. These were carved from the basswood, cypress knee and poplar.

Will Hayden Caricatures

Will Haden (June 14, 1933 – September 20, 2012) was born and raised in Virginia and North Carolina. He came to the Pacific Northwest when he was assigned to Vancouver Barracks - Fort Vancouver, Washington while serving in the Army Medical Corps. Will spent more than thirty years of carving, competing in and judging shows and teaching. He served several Vancouver area clubs as President, Show Chairman, and other duties as needed.

Will and his wife Kay, a noted bird carver in the NW, spent their days in their home shop; Kay power carving at one end and Will carving at the other, the floor covered with dust and chips. Two of Will's proudest accomplishments were the Columbia Flyway Show that he started in 1988, and being a member of the Caricature Carvers of America.

Wood Spirits

Wood spirits come in many forms. Although the appearance and wood that is used may differ, there are common threads that hold this style together. These spirits will normally assume the appearance of an old man. One such common feature is that the wood being used is instrumental in the finished piece. The wood itself helps shape the finished form. It is also common to see the original wood as much of it is preserved around the face.

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