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Carving Blood and Guts (Safety and Health)

  • 11 Oct 2022
  • 7:00 PM
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Carving Safety

This program will focus on the many ways to stay safe when carving with hand or power tools.

Mostly we think of bleeding, but other dangers lurk as we seek to protect:
- SIGHT (glasses, magnifiers) 
- LUNGS (dust, fumes)
- EARS (noise, deafness)
- SKIN (cuts, abrasions)
- JOINTS and BONES (arthritis, crushing)

We have a relatively safe hobby or profession, but there are lots of examples of little and big ways to get hurt.  Besides the day-to-day little normal things that can happen, we want to be mindful of protecting our health for decades and not have our body parts wear out prematurely. 

This will partly be a discussion of using power carving tools to reduce wear and tear.  In a few months we'll focus on work holding issues, which are partly a safety issue as well.

Please register to get the Zoom link and so we can notify you of any changes.  

Larry Wade, President
Oregon Carvers Guild

Address: Oregon Carvers Guild, 3110 NW Linmere Dr, Portland, Oregon 97229
Email: oregoncarvers@gmail.com

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