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Flat Plane Carving - Interest List

  • 30 Nov 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Location TBD, probably Tigard or Multnomah Village
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INTEREST LIST - Flat-Plane Carving

Will be a class a later if there is enough interest

We will schedule a beginners Flat-Plane carving class if there is sufficient interest. Please let us know if this is a skill you would like to acquire. Flat-plane carving is a Scandinavian folk art that has gained popularity in the US. In this style carvings are made using a single knife, like the one shown above. The completed piece is typically left with carve marks and no end of carve sanding is done. The name comes from the intentional appearance of the carving, which is made up of many flat surfaces, rather than rounded ones. A picture of a typical Flat-Plane carving is shown below on the left. In the photo below the flat surfaces can be seen easily. Even though the figures are not typically sanded they are often painted. We will discuss painting in the class also.



This is a class to learn the basics of Flat-Plane carving using a single knife,  The subject will be a human figure. The class will be delivered in two four hour sessions, in person, a week apart. This is a pilot class so the charges will be for supplies and facility fees only. The location is TBD. One current class location that the Oregon Carvers Guild has used is the Tigard Woodcraft demonstration/class room. This will be offered in the Fall if there is sufficient interest.

TOOLS  - You should plan on providing your own knife, but loaners are likely available. In addition to a knife you will need a glove and a strop. The traditional Flat-Plane knife is called a Sloyd knife. It is a fixed blade knife, with a straight edge or a slightly curved one, ranging for 2.5 to 4 inches in length. The photo at the beginning of this article is a Sloyd knife. A sharp rough out knife works very well for this style.

TUITION - Charges for materials and facility fees only 

WOOD - Cut blanks will be provided for a fee.

INSTRUCTOR - Terry Burnside

For questions, contact Terry Burnside at 850-629-7144 or email at


Address: Oregon Carvers Guild, 3110 NW Linmere Dr, Portland, Oregon 97229
Email: oregoncarvers@gmail.com

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