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.      Ed Quigley- Cowboy Artist

The Oregon Historical Society (OHS) describes Ed Quigley (1895–1984) as "an artist known for his iconic depictions of the American West.  Through paintings, sketches, and sculptures, he captured disappearing ways of life in the Pacific Northwest during the mid-twentieth-century, including great cattle drives and wild horse roundups with the Yakama Nation."  

Ed was born in North Dakota in 1895; and his family moved to the northwest when he was still quite young. His talent in the arts were astounding even at the age of 7; when he won a prize at the Spokane Interstate Fair. 

After working in the shipyards to raise enough money for professional schooling, Ed attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and Art Institute of Chicago.  He did some commercial work while still there, but eventually returned to his beloved Northwest. 

His work is primarily in painting and sketches, but his carvings of horses are exquisite. In them, you can see his joy and wonder at the magnificence of the wild Northwest.  More than 100 of these carvings are a part of the collection housed at the Oregon Historical Society,  including circus animals and trains remembered fondly from his childhood, and hand made crates to house them. His entire collection is being cataloged and available to view at the OHS web site around the end of 2921.

If you are interested in learning, the book "Ed Quigley Western Artist"  by Carl Gohs is an incredible resource.


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